Apples Machine Shop was established in 1968 and has been providing quality machine work to our customers for the past 47 years. Over the years we have strived to build strong relationships and trust with our customers. Its this dedication that has led us to become one of the longest running, most trusted automotive machine shops around. Our shop specializes in all forms of automotive machining including gasoline, diesel, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke engines. We look forward to serving you in the future with all of your automotive machining needs.

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All automotive machine work

• Block boring
• Block honing
• Block resurfacing
• Block align hone/bore
• Block pressure testing
• Install sleeves
• Block clearance/stroke
• Block cleaning
• Deck plate hone
• Install cam bearings
• Install freeze plugs steel/brass
• Install screw in oil galley plugs

• Crank grinding/turning
• Crank micro polishing
• Crank magna fluxing
• Crank pressing
• Balancing of crank/rotating assembly

• Valve jobs 3 and 5 angle
• Valve guide repair liners/guides
• Valve seat replacement
• Pressure testing/magna flux
• Head resurface/grinding/shaving
• Screw n stud install/guide plates
• Machine for larger springs
• Install over sized valves
• Spark plug tread repair
• CC cylinder heads
• Valve lash adjustment
• Cylinder head cleaning

• Bolt removal/insert installs (Heli-Coil)
• Swap pistons/press pistons
• Resize rods/install rod bolts
• Resurface/turn flywheel
• Install ring gears
• Piston and rod balancing
• Disassembly and diagnostics of engines
• Short block/long block assembly
• Press wheel/hub bearings
• Bushing install (king pin)
• Sale of factory replacement/aftermarket engine parts
• Sale of remanufactured cylinder heads
• Sale of crank kits
• File to fit piston rings


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